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Services provided through the When Our Adult Children Walk Away website include podcasts, blogs, communication training, workshops and discussion groups. All services are designed to assist and support struggling families and parents to understand their communication styles and how they contribute to their relationship circumstances.


In all activities and events, I offer assistance using my 30+ years of experience working in communication and interpersonal relationships to assist people navigating faltering family relationships. As a bonus, my daughter Bri will join discussion groups to share her perspective on events leading up to her choice to cut ties with us (her family), the years of her silence, and her decision to reconnect.


If you choose to schedule a complimentary Discovery Conversation, you and I will consider, together, the various services we offer and other resources that may assist you as you prepare to find your sense of purpose and prepare to repair. Together, we will develop strategies to help you reach your goals. You need not be alone in these difficult times. 

We begin our work by exploring the parent's perspective and establishing what may be the adult child's perspective. When the adult child is available and willing, or if parents would like my now-reconnected adult daughter and I work with them to understand their pain and concerns. Using our family estrangement consulting services, we establish and discuss individual communication styles and other contributing factors.


The bird of paradise lands only in the hand that does not grasp.
                                                   - Zen Proverb


What We Offer

Contact Dr. Steinkamp at to schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery conversation!

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