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Providing family estrangement coaching, communication training and consulting for families experiencing fracturing relationships and parental estrangement.

My work is founded on strategic learning, self-reflection and personal growth. I base my work on individual results from the Everything DiSC. I look at indicators like how a parent responds to challenges and how well they work with others. I use the Wiley DiSC© as a personal assessment and communication training tool.

Together, we work to understand each parent's grief, estrangement circumstances, and communication style.

My goal is to assist each parent in improving their relationship with their estranged adult children.

My name is Dr. Janet Steinkamp and I work with parents who have become estranged from their adult children.

A strained and faltering relationship with an adult child is not new or unique. But knowing that does not help you feel less pain or navigate your unique circumstances easily.

When a relationship between a parent and an adult child crumbles, it is often surprising, overwhelming, and emotionally crippling. And still, though people are hesitant to talk about it, research tells us that estrangement is often repairable, given personal growth and patience.

Recent research findings suggest that as many as 27% of people in the US are estranged from at least one family member.


That means approximately 67 million people are grappling with the confusion, pain and hopelessness stemming from estrangement grief.

If you are one of the 67 million people desperately looking for help to repair or reconnect with your family member, please look through this website, tune into the When Our Adult Children Walk Away podcast, and sign up for upcoming workshops and events or other live remote activity.

I am here for you. Let me help you find hope and navigate your circumstances. I will help you understand your interpersonal behaviors and communication style - and how it may contribute to your faltering relationship.

Together, we will prepare for opportunities to repair!


Approximately 67 million people in the US - 27% of the population - report they are estranged from at least one family member. The vast majority of people surveyed indicated that they were estraged from an adult child or parent.

Family estrangement coach, reconnection strategist, communication expert and mom.

For over 25 years, I have worked with people as they pursued their goals in education, health care, mental health services and community wellness. Today I use my professional and personal experience to help people learn meaningful communication strategies and successful conflict management skills. Together, parents learn how to bring their best selves to their relationships.

Finding peace and purpose is possible after someone cuts off contact and during their absence. The time of silence between you and your adult child is difficult – and can be used to constructively grieve and grow into the person your loved one is asking you to be. I know it is possible to find hope help and healing - because I’ve experienced it firsthand.

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“Some people change when they see the light. Others change when they feel the heat.”     
                                                       -Caroline Schoeder







Finding Purpose During Separation

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Holding Hands

Providing hope, help and healing for people and families with distancing and estranged adult children.


Take Control of Your Circumstances 

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Sarah Burns

"Janet is an incredible listener, and she is always able to relate to me through her own experience. The conversation is always fun and interesting. There is a sense of shared experience in conversation, and through this an offering of respect, interest, and care for me, and also for our relationship. Janet sees all people as her equals in their capacity for movement within their own lives. She honors whatever road they are on and recognizes their road is as meaningful as her own."

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